Current Committee

Committee position Name Year first elected to role (Committee, if earlier)
Chair Sarah Gosling 2022 (2021)
Vice Chair Stephen Wright 2022 (2021)
Secretary David Davies 2018
Treasurer Richard Bourke 2023
Safety Officer Rob Garlick 2023
Sailing Secretary Suzie Holland 2023
National Training Officer Andy Byrne 2023
Regional Development Officer Carren Bell 2023
Marketing Officer Sandy Ramus 2022
Teams Officer Victoria Perratt 2023 (2022)
Deputy Teams Officer Fanny Rogers 2023
Volunteers Officer Filippo Di Salle 2022
Child Welfare Officer Dr Alex Keegan 2023
Equipment Officer Jono Pank 2021
Technical Officer ('Head Measurer') Will Welfare 2023
Non-committee members invited to attend     
Class Administrator John Perham  
President David Campbell-James  
RYA Junior Racing Manager Chris Atherton  
RYA Lead Optimist Coach James Parker-Mowbray  


Class Sponsors

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