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Welcome to the home of the IOCA (UK) Optimist British Nationals & Open Championships 2022.  Here you'll find all the updates from the event organisers and links to useful documents and the official notice board.

Many thanks to our lead sponsors Savills and Gill for lead sponsoring this event, and to all our sponsors for supporting the class, including Xtremity, Kylemark, Largs Chandlers, Crewsaver, Largs Yacht HavenMarlow Ropes, Fernhurst Books, Pinbax and Tunnocks.

If you have any queries about the event in general, please contact the Event Coordinator, Diana Davidson at

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** Save the Date ** for the 2023 Nationals

The 2023 IOCA(UK) Optimist British Nationals & Open Championships will take place from 5th - 11th August at Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy. 

Don't forget you can purchase professional photographs of all the competitors in this year's event from Paul's web portal

** New 28 July 2022 - Update 4 **


We’re expecting to find jellyfish in the sea off Largs at this time of year and thought it would be sensible to provide some up-to-date information to sailors and their parents. The NHS website provides useful advice on how to avoid getting stung and what to do if you are stung by a jellyfish. While the RNLI magazine includes a colourful article about the jellyfish and other potential hazards, including what to do if you come face to face with a shark... 

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Site Map

A colour site map show the locations of each fleet, the event marquee and race office.

Changing Rooms

Please do not leave any kit in the changing rooms. It should be taken back to vehicles or
accommodation during the day.

Campervans booked in at the Marina


Introducing our event coach Dan Burns

We've asked Dan to summarise his sailing experience, and to provide a picture so that those of you
who haven't met him know what he looks like. He's looking forward to meeting you all next week!

Ceilidh Night - Tue 2 August 6:30-9:00pm

RYA & IOCA Training talk - 2 August after launch in the Club Lounge

RYA Optimist class rep Tim Hall will take you through the training paths for Optimist sailors and how
the RYA and IOCA training together provide a complimentary range of optimist race training.
After launch on Tues 2nd in the club lounge.

RYA Transition Talk - 2 August 2:30pm in the Club Lounge

Starting to think of a future beyond Oppys? Tim Hall from the RYA will guide you through the
supported pathways and give some guidance as to what to consider when your sailor is choosing
their next class.


Please be aware that Largs seagulls really like sailors’ snacks and packed lunches. If you leave any
food out or in an unzipped bag they are likely to find a way in and will happily help themselves. Don’t
leave your food unattended unless it is well protected!

Sail Number Trolley Stickers

Every trolley should be clearly labelled with the boat’s sail number.

This is really important as a check for the tally team. Hopefully all those at Weymouth last year for the Nationals will already have their CoastWaterSports stickers.

For those who were not there or who have new trollies, you will be given a sticker set for your trolley at registration. Please read the instructions carefully- there should be one sticker on the back wheel axle and one on the vertical part of the trolley at the front.

Bow Stickers

Our lead sponsors, Gill and Savills have provided bow stickers which will be in each sailor's goody bag that they collect at registration.  Please make sure we support our sponsors by putting this sticker on the bow of your Optimist.

Main Fleet Boat Park

A document and a map describing the main boat park arrangements can be found here and here

Measurement course

We have our full complement of 12 trainees. Thanks to Adam Parry from the RYA and Will Welfare
for leading the course and our volunteers for taking on this crucial role.

Road Safety

The roads around the clubhouse are in use by the public to reach the marina, shops and restaurants
and will be busier as well with our own event traffic. Please discuss with your sailors the safest
places to cross the road between the clubhouse and the boat parks and what to look out for when
walking through car parks.

Event Photographer

Paul Sanwell, the class photographer, will be at the event all week capturing those sailing memories (please see the race office if you have any restrictions on your child being photographed).

Paul has set up a photography web portal for the event, where each day's photos will be uploaded for you to view. There are a number of options to buy a print or download the image - please follow the link above for more details. Until Saturday morning, the portal will include Paul's excellent photograps from last year's Nationals in Weymouth.


Registration is 2-5pm on Saturday in the marquee. Main fleet sailors must come with their sail button numbers.

Opening parade will start at 3pm from the boat park and finish in the marquee with a short opening
ceremony. Bring your club and country flags.

Regatta Fleet measurement will take place down at the main boat park by championship slip. This
needs to be done before coming to register.

26 July 2022 - Update 3

Just a very quick reminder for all those sailors who won perpetual trophies at last year's Nationals to please return them to Largs for this year's Championships.

Also any one needing Optimist parts, Xtremity can deliver to Largs if you order in the next couple of days.

21 July 2022 - Update 2

With less than 2 weeks to go until the Nationals, here’s our second update of useful information to help you get ready for a fabulous week in Largs.

Equipment: remember to make any last-minute Oppy equipment purchases from our excellent class sponsor Xtremity. Any orders can be delivered directly to Largs, free of charge, and will be waiting for you on the Saturday. Please order as soon as you can to ensure delivery. 

Registration Day (Sat 30th July): registration will be open from 2pm - 5pm in the Marquee next to the club house. If anyone needs to register on Sunday morning, from 8:30am - 9:30am, this must be pre-booked at

The Opening Ceremony will start with the traditional sailor parade - please bring your club and national flags to wave. Meet at the boat park at 2:50pm.

Measurement: for those sailing in main fleet (senior and junior), please ensure all your Optimist equipment (including foils, spars, sail and boat) is fully measured and the paperwork up to date before you come to Largs. Please bring all the relevant documents with you. If you are not up to date, please get in touch with a local measurer over the next few days. At registration, measurers will be focusing on Regatta fleet safety checks rather than main fleet. During the event, measurers will be doing on the water checks and may undertake checks at launching as well.

For those in regatta fleet (racing and coached), you will need to have your boat checked over before registration. Please bring your boat with relevant bits, including your buoyancy aid and whistle, to the measurement area next to the event boat park from 2pm on Saturday - see map of site.  All regatta fleet boats will be checked by the measurement team using this form - a completed checklist is required for a sailor to register. There is no need to bring a blank form as the Measurement Team will have plenty. Confused? - don't worry, this useful guide shows what the measurers are looking for in these safety checks.

If you have any questions on measurement at the nationals, please contact Will at

Measurement Course: there are still some places left for the measurement course on Tues 2nd and Thurs 4th August. Please email Diana at if you are interested. As you will be aware, measurers are vital to the class and being a trained Optimist measurer would be a real asset to the young sailors in your region.  

Training: last call to sign-up for Pre-Nationals Training in Largs 28 & 29th July! There is now a waitlist but please do still sign-up as if there is enough interest it maybe possible to extend the number of places. 

RYA talks: Tim Hall from the RYA will be holding two talks on Tues 2nd August. The first, “Training Options”, will cover the various types of training on offer from RYA and IOCA and how they fit together to provide a comprehensive programme. This will be held in the morning after the fleets have launched. Later in the afternoon Tim will present the options for “Transitioning”, always an interesting topic to think about…what comes next after a sailor has outgrown the Oppy?

Catering options during the week: breakfast rolls will be available until mid-morning, with lunch options of soup, baked potatoes and toasties. There will also be various snacks and hot and cold drinks to purchase throughout the day. There will not be meals served in the clubhouse in the evening but the lounge will be open and you are welcome to eat your own food there, enjoying the amazing views. Or there are plenty of places to eat in the town.

Post sailing there will be a filled roll available for each sailor. If your sailor has any dietary needs then please complete this Sailor dietary requirements form and we will try to accommodate their needs.

Things to do in Largs: if you are bringing children who aren’t sailing then how about signing up for Wizard School at Kelburn Country Park which is just across the road from the sailing club. Or check out the activities for children at the Vikinar Leisure Centre. Other suggestions for things to see and do are given on the Largs SC website

How can you help? Xtremity are kindly providing two RIBs for use at the Nationals. However, we need a driver willing to drive Xtremity’s van, double stacker trailer and both RIBs from Largs to Fareham at the end of the event. If you could help with this please contact Richard at

Volunteer sign-up – this is absolutely key to the success of the event, please have a look and see what you can do. Any questions about the roles and what's invovled then please contact Stephen directly at 

Finally, a big thank you to…our sponsors. We couldn’t run these events without our kind sponsors, one of which is Fernhurst Books who would like to pass on this message...

Fernhurst Books is pleased to be sponsoring the Optimist Nationals again. We publish Steve Irish’s popular book, Optimist Racing, along with countless other sailing books for both racers and cruisers. And if you’re into other watersports, we cover them as well, from the traditional kayaking, through ever-present stand up paddleboarding and even the latest craze to hit the water: packrafting! In the competitors’ registration bags there will be details of how to get a discount on our books.”

We are looking forward to meeting you in Largs, if you have any queries in the mean time please contact Diana Davidson the event coordinator at 

Best wishes
The IOCA Nationals Organising Team


11 July 2022 - Update 1

If you have any queries about the event in general, please contact the Event Coordinator, Diana Davidson at


Measurement course

The class needs to train more people to be measurers as inevitably parents move on as their children leave the class. As in previous year’s we are arranging a two-day training course during the week which will include one day delivered by the RYA and a second day of class-specific content kindly led by Will Welfare. No boating expertise is necessary so if you think this is something you might be interested in please email

More details of the course will follow in the next update.


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